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A note from our founders, Maria and Thomas Williamson

Lighthouse Studio was born from a dream of sharing our beautiful waterfront views of the Manteo Lighthouse and the bay with the community in a way that spreads peace, light, wellness and health. We like to call our little space in the universe, paradise. A haven, nestled away in the alluring and majestic Outer Banks, North Carolina. If you've been here to visit before, or have the pleasure to live here, you know what we're talking about. This is my dream that we want to share with you. To practice yoga and other fitness modalities, meditation, reiki and more in a serene atmosphere, surrounded by picturesque water views.

A place to come together for health and healing. A place to shine your light. A place for us to shine ours. Together, shining bright into the darkness, we can light up the world!


About Maria, One of our Founders and Instructors 

Maria’s enthusiasm with a healthy and active lifestyle began early on in her life. She started practicing yoga on a regular basis in 2001. After discovering yoga, she was drawn to a group fitness format of exercise. She truly enjoys the interaction with the people who come to class and helping others along their journey to wellness. Maria has most recently completed her 200 hours RYT with Anne Howard at the Amalam School of Yoga at Outer Banks Yoga. She is a Reiki Master, having completed her Level 1, 2 and Master level certifications with Shree’ Fulcher at the School of Ascension. Maria first became AFAA Group Fitness Instructor certified in 2010 and she finished her Practical Pilates and Practical Yoga training through AFAA in 2012. She has completed certifications in Zumba Basic Steps Level 1 and 2, Zumbatomic (Zumba Kids) and Piloxing. To satisfy her desire for learning and interest in the benefits of yoga and mediation, Maria has also participated in various yoga and other fitness modality workshops throughout the years.

When she is not exercising, you can find her running her busy restaurant and shop, Avenue Grille and Goods, with her husband and family. She loves relaxing on the beach, meditating, spending time with family and knitting! She incorporates meditation into her knitting, often working on colorful projects to help with chakra alignment and balance. 
Maria’s classes and sessions are taught on all levels with a focus on mind-body connection. 

Yoga and Pilates will help to lengthen and stretch your muscles, while building core strength. It is an excellent form of exercise that combines de-stressing and relaxation techniques with a total body workout so you can work towards your fitness goals. Yoga and Pilates can be beneficial for anyone, anywhere in their life journey. Ideally, this low impact style of exercise can be incorporated in your fitness routine long term, as it will help to build stability in your core which may help to prevent future injuries. Join Maria in her class to start breathing, strengthening and stretching your way to you and your body’s maximum potential!

Reiki is an energy healing technique based on a hands-on natural healing, transmitting energy, universal life force between the participants. Maria is thrilled to share this experience with you! She practices reiki with the intention to help raise the vibration of the planet. We can all use a little extra love and light and reiki is a great way to share that!

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